Manifold Build Kit - 6 Cylinder

Sinco D.I.Y.

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Exhaust Manifold Flange
Turbo Flange

This kit includes all the main parts to build a 6 cylinder turbo manifold

Kit Includes:

- Exhaust Manifold Flange = 12mm Mild Steel

- Turbo Flange (These are tapped to m10x1.25)

Note: T3 and T3 Twin flanges are 12mm Mild Steel, T4 & T4 Twin are 16mm Mild Steel

- x20 Long Radius Steampipe Elbows - (1 1/4")

- x3 300mm Lengths of Steampipe - (1 1/4")

- x1 Steampipe Collector - (Shaped/Welded & Ported to your turbo flange Selected) 

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