Cast Aluminum Elbows Explained

Instantly stop melting your silicon joiners

What is a Cast Elbow ?

A Cast Aluminum Elbow is a tight radius section of alloy, this is made by pouring liquid molten aluminum into a mold, the molten material sets and hardens creating a Cast Elbow.  With conventional ways of forming tube i.e mandrel bending you are limited to how tight the radius of the bend can be. In most cases a standard radius bend is not an issue but when dealing with tight spaces in engine bays of vehicles a cast elbow really shows it advantages.

What does a Cast Elbow do?

The main advantage of using a Cast Elbow is to weld them to turbo compressor covers to eliminate the heat from turbos or manifold runners melting silicon joiners. This will ensure your inter-cooler piping remains leak free and reliable in this area.

Cast Elbow vs Standard Radius Elbow

Both of these options eliminate the chances of melting silicon joiners that are close to turbo housings & manifold runners. The main reason a cast elbow has a advantage over a standard radius elbow is the CLR. (what is a CLR) This is a lot tighter on the cast elbow meaning for tight spaces they are an ideal option.

The cast elbow also has the same surface finish as a turbo compressor cover so cosmetically the cast elbow matches the comp. cover

90 Degree Cast Elbows installed


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