After much development of our merge collector from extensive dyno time, Sinco manifolds perform as well, if not better than the top manifolds on the market today. With no back pressure where the manifold meets the turbo, you can be sure that you're getting the best flow possible from your turbo manifold. FLOW = POWER.

Our Turbo Manifolds display excellent boost control with a wide variety of wastegates. Please talk to us about optimising your setup. We have a wide range of experience with a vast variety of different vehicles.

Sick of your of cheap stainless steel manifold cracking? These won't.

Made from steam tube, our manifolds are 3.7mm thick and will last the distance. We are so confident in their design and construction we offer a 10 year warranty on any manifold from cracking, when installed by us.

We only use the highest quality materials in the construction, with all manifolds featuring 12mm flanges to stop warping, and all manifolds are tig welded in house.


  • Fitment 1JZ VVTI only
  • Turbo inlet flange available in T3,T4 twin
  • minimum gate size 44mm
  • 35mm id runners
  • 12mm lazer cut flanges

2JZ Aristo Supra Silvia

  • Fitment Aristo-Supra-Silvia
  • Turbo inlet available in T3 T4 T4 twin
  • 12mm lazer cut flanges
  • Minimum gate size 44mm

Nissan RB20-25-30 Top Mount

  • Fitment r32-r33-r34-laurel-cefiro-stagea
  • Will fit with abs & aircon
  • Minimum 44mm wastegate@300kw
  • Features a 6 into 1 merge collector
  • 12mm lazer cut flanges

Nissan SR20 Top Mount

  • Fitment - 180sx, Silvia-S13-S14-S15
  • Position now available with abs & aircon (please contact for details)
  • Standard with a 38mm 2 bolt wastegate flange
  • 12mm Flanges
  • T2 or T3 Avaliable
  • Nissan SR20 Factory Position

    • This is a direct replacement for the factory cast unit
    • T2 turbo inlet flange
    • 12mm lazer cut flanges
    • 35mm id runners
    • ONLY Tial mvs38/mvr44 & Turbosmart compgate 40/Ultragate 45 can be used when vehicle is running abs, the 2 bolt wastegates do not fit
    • If the vehicle has abs then the abs pump will have to be moved 30mm away from the manifold by modifying the factory top and bottom halfs of the mounting bracket, no brake lines will have to be cut or modified

    Evo 4-9 T3

    • Fitment Evo 4-9 T3 turbo garrett-masterpower-t3/t4
    • 12mm flanges
    • 44mm TIAL mvr wastegate only
    • Will fit with air-con
    • 41mm id runners

    Evo 1-3 T3

    • 12mm flanges
    • Fitment: Evo 1 - 3/Tial 44mm
    • 41mm inside diameter runners
    • Will suit all T3 type turbos Garrett 35/82, Masterpower T70 - T3/T4

    Evo 1-3 TD05/06

    • Fitment TD05/06
    • Standard with 38mm 2 bolt wastegate flange
    • 12mm lazer cut flanges

    Evo 4-9 Factory Position

    • Direct replacement for cast unit
    • 35mm id runners
    • 12mm lazer cut flanges
    • Compatible with Tial mvs38 & mvr44/ Turbosmart compgate 40 & Ultragate 45 or 2 bolt wastegate

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