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Turbo Outlet Flanges

Sinco D.I.Y.


Flange type

Please select your down pipe flange from the drop down box

Lazer cut flanges

10mm Mild steel

  • T3/T4 5 bolt
  • EVO 4-9 External
  • EVO 4-9 Internal
  • EVO 1-3 External
  • GTR External
  • GTR Internal
  • RB External
  • RB Internal
  • T25/28 External
  • T25/28 Internal
  • TD04 Subaru

CNC Machined flanges

12mm Mild Steel

  • Holset 6 Bolt (100mm PCD)
  • 76mm 4 bolt (Suits Garrett 35/40, 35r)
  • 63mm 4 Bolt

SKU: t04eout TAGS: turbo outlet flange, 35r, holset, masterpower, evo, 4g63, rb26, gtr, sr20, t3/t4

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