Stainless Steel Exhaust Reducers

Learn about Reducers & what they are used for.....

What is a Stainless Steel Reducer used for?

Stainless Steel exhaust reducers are used to step your tube size up or down in size. Reducers come in a range of different lengths to suit a variety of applications.

One common use for a stainless reducer is when fabricating a turbo down-pipe, because of the confined space when working with turbo's and large exhaust pipes our short series reducer is most suited. This type steps up in size over 1" in length.

Concentric Reducer vs Eccentric

Concentric Reducers vs Eccentric reducer

Concentric reducers have the shape of a cone. Concentric reducers also have a common center line. This means that when using these reducers you will be able to align the centres of both pieces evenly.

Eccentric reducers are a bit different. One of their sides is straight, with one of the edges running parallel to the connecting pipe and results in the centre line being offset.

Eccentric reducers are more commonly used in industrial applications with fluid in pipelines.

A few uses for Reducers


In this photo the exhaust reducer is used to step the collector up in size to suit the larger exhaust size


This photo shows the inter-cooler pipe stepping down in size with the alloy reducer instead of using a silicon reducer.

Concentric Reducers


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