The Sinco Story

The Sinco Story


The name "Sinco" was born in 2006, formed from Mike and Ann-Marie's surname "Sinclair", and the word "company". It all started in a small garage in Te Awamutu, working from home building stainless breather tanks and fuel surge tanks to sell on Trade Me. Mike saw potential in the market for producing good quality turbo manifolds in New Zealand, as NZ was currently riddled with cheap Chinese stainless manifolds, often causing plenty of issues due to poor design and poor quality. It was time to create something better.

Over the next few years, the business grew, and Mike had outgrown his shed, and made the decision to open their first shop in Woodward Street, Frankton. Sinco remained there for two years, until yet again the workload grew, and Mike sought for more staff, a better image, and an even bigger space. This commenced the move to Killarney Road, in Frankton, where Sinco remained for four years, also now employing two full time staff members. At this workshop, Sinco did plenty of sponsorships in the drifting scene, their turbo manifolds featuring on ten of the top fifteen drift cars. Four years later, Sinco again needed more work space. The workshop only allowed up to six cars, and the work area was small and divided. More staff and more space for machinery was needed. This prompted the big move.

The big move came in 2015, when we moved to our current workshop at 47a Bryant Road, Te Rapa. Our new and improved workshop has 330 metres of work space, three full time staff members, one part time member, Mike, and his wife, Ann-Marie. From starting off with street cars and slowly building up to race cars, to now having worked with drag cars and circuit vehicles with world records, Sinco are well respected automotive fabrication specialists, having turbo manifolds and other products throughout New Zealand, and the world.


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