D.I.Y Product Spotlight - Wastegate Piping Kits

These pre-made piping kits are designed to take the guess work out of how many components you need and where to buy all the parts. We have them available for a straight waste-gate pipe back into the exhaust or a re-movable setup where a section can be removed when wanting to vent the pipe to atmosphere (screamer pipe) 


What is a Waste-gate Pipe?

A waste-gate pipe is a pipe or tube that connects the external waste-gate outlet back into the exhaust. This can also be a pipe that is vented to atmosphere which can be know as a "screamer pipe"

The screamer pipe can be a short pipe that typically is vented out the bottom of the vehicle up by the engine/gearbox area or it can be run to the rear or the side of the vehicle as well. This can also run small mufflers and resonators to keep the noise level down.

Generally the shorter the pipe, the louder the waste gate sound will be exiting the pipe. i.e if the pipe is run to the rear of the vehicle it will not be as loud as if it was exiting over a 500mm length of pipe. The noise level will also depend on the size of the turbo and external waste-gate that is being used.If you have a large turbo and only running 10psi of boost then the waste-gate noise level will be a lot louder than if you are running 30psi of boost because the waste-gate has to vent more volume (exhaust gas) to keep the engine running at 10psi.


Back into Exhaust vs Screamer Pipe

It is important that when running the waste-gate piping back into your exhaust that a low merge angle is used.

This helps the gas merge into the exhaust and prevents a bottle neck when the two gases meet. A large oval hole is ideal where the pipe joins into the exhaust i.e the hole should be 1.5 times bigger than the pipe size used. This will ensure there is no restrictions when gases are entering the exhaust and will help prevent boost spiking from the gas not being able to exit the external waste-gate quick enough.


Pre-Cut Wastegate Tube Starters

These are laser cut sections of tubes to run your waste-gate back into your exhaust.

Take the guess work out of merging the two pipes together. We have developed these tube starters for optimal angle for the gases to exit the waste-tube without restrictions.

They are also long enough for a v-band flanges to be welded on with clearance for the clamp to be accessed and to be removed without issues.


A Few Examples of Wastegate Pipes



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