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After years of development of our merge collector from extensive dyno time and feedback from the top tuners in the country, we have found the perfect balance of boost control and flow. With minimal back pressure where the manifold meets the turbo, you can be sure that you're getting the best flow possible from your turbo manifold.  FLOW = POWER.

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  • Fitment - 1jzgte vvti - Ct15b turbo (factory)
  • This manifold is a direct replacement for the factory position cast manifold, the turbo flange has a groove machined into it to utilize the factory type crush gasket (it is recommended a new gasket is used when replacing the manifold).
  • This manifold will also clear the factory turbo elbow for the inter-cooler pipe. A blanking plug and heat shield will be needed for the factory re -circulation valve return on the elbow (the steel stub in the photos of the engine bay).

  • Please note a J pipe delete will need to be used with this manifold.
  • Features 6-1 merge collector
  • 16mm turbo flange - 12mm exhaust manifold flange - both CNC machined
  • Runner size = 35mm inside diameter

  • 5 year no crack warranty
  • 10 year no crack warranty if fitted by us in store

Manifold Manufacture Times

Our manifolds are made to order, manufacturing times vary depending on the time of year & our current work load.

Please email or message us if you want to know exact time frames

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