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D.I.Y Product Spotlight - 90 Degree Cast Aluminum Elbows

A Cast Aluminum Elbow is a tight radius section of alloy, this is made by pouring liquid molten aluminum into a mold, the molten material sets and hardens creating a Cast Elbow.  With conventional ways of forming tube i.e mandrel bending you are limited to how tight the radius of the bend can be. In most cases a standard radius bend is not an issue but when dealing with tight spaces in engine bays of vehicles a cast elbow really shows it advantages. ...

May 24, 2020

D.I.Y Product Spotlight - Lock Nuts

Help prevent your manifold and turbo from loosening under high heat and vibration...

May 16, 2020

D.I.Y Product Spotlight - Exhaust Bellow

Mis-aligning vbands or flanges when bolting up your wastegate pipe? Simplify your fit up! Exhaust bellows will save you time and frustration....

April 27, 2020

Technical Info - Manifold & Down-pipe Bracing

Turbo support is a big part of the reliability of any turbo setup, the combination of immense heat and vibrations from high revving engines is enough to test even the toughest components. The main thing to think about with bracing is thermal expansion, whenever things get hot they expand and this needs to be thought about before bracing your turbo setup, making everything solid can sometimes cause more harm than good.  A prime example...... welding solid braces from your exhaust manifold ...

April 26, 2020

D.I.Y Product Spotlight - Exhaust Flexi

An Exhaust Flexi is constructed of three layers, the inside has a interlocking inner, a middle ribbed section (similar to a Exhaust Bellow) that re-enforces the inner layer, and a outer woven stainless steel wire exterior. Its purpose is to act as a point of movement in an exhaust. (these can also be used for external waste-gate pipes). They reduce the weight and vibration being transferred back up through your headers or turbo setup, this weight and vibration is created from the length of an ex...

April 9, 2020

Up close and personal with Mike in the Sinco workshop

Before we go down this road of SINCO..... I do want to say even though I founded this company it takes a team of guys to make Sinco what it is today. Without all my staff we wouldn't be able to get out the work we do and keep up the standard of workmanship and service that we strive to maintain.   Big thanks to Larry, Alex S and Alex M for all your guys hard work and for sticking by my side!! I also need to say thanks to my wife Ann-Marie without her by my side it would not be at the stage ...

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