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Material Type/Coating
Running ABS?
Wastegate Size & Type

After years of development of our merge collector from extensive dyno time and feedback from the top tuners in the country, we have found the perfect balance of boost control and flow. With minimal back pressure where the manifold meets the turbo, you can be sure that you're getting the best flow possible from your turbo manifold. FLOW = POWER. 

For information on material types and coatings please follow the link: FAQ

NOTE: The RB30 needs bigger wastegates because of the higher gas speed, we recommend using a 60mm wastegate, depending on the rear housing size you can get away with a 50mm

NOTE: The only difference between the RB25 and the RB25/30 manifold is the height, Our manifolds for the RB25/30 are 24mm lower than the RB25 version

WILL NOT FIT WITH ABS - With a 60mm gate, we do have a FF manifold (forward facing) version that will work with a 60mm gate and ABS

  • Fitment = R32-R33-R34-Laurel-Cefiro-Stagea-S Chassis
  • 12mm lazer cut flanges
  • Features dual 3 into 1 merge collectors

5 year no crack warranty

10 year no crack warranty if fitted by us in store

Manufacture Times

Our manifolds are made to order, because of this the time frames for each manifold material type & finish are listed below.

- STEAMTUBE-MATT BLACK = 7-12 working days

- STAINLESS & BURN EDITION = 14-16 working days

These do vary depending on workload, if you have any questions regarding these time frames please email us

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